Goinfopro offers 2 pack options to companies + the option to appear as a featured company.

First Pack: -The Affiliate pack. Free for life that allows you to develop your Goinfopro influencer activity and create your own network of Affiliates worldwide.

Without permanence

Second Pack: – The annual Diamond pack: $ 200 / year or € 167 / year included with all its options + presence in social networks: presence updated throughout the year by our Community Manager team in the 6 main social networks : Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Twich, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Youtube, Dailymotion.
This pack includes the assembly of a video in two languages ​​from the photos and video shots provided by the business owner to our design team. Our team takes the photos and videos that you upload to your profile, to create the video.
One year of access to all the platform options + your presence on social networks + your online store, for only $ 200 / year or € 167 / year.

Without permanence

Featured company:
There is also an option to submit a request to Goinfopro for your profile to appear as Featured. Goinfopro can reject or approve the request by entering the price. The company will receive the approval confirmation in its profile and must pay the defined price. Featured status will expire after 30 days. Price: $ 20 for 30 days. (It can be validated directly in your control panel in the “Update” section)

Packs para empresas y Empresas destacadas - Guía profesional


Generate residual earnings with our Worldwide Affiliate system.

Our professional packs
GOINFOPRO offers complete Packs for companies.
Choose the annual pack that suits you best.
Welcome to the first international multilingual platform
for Companies around the world.

And if you do not have a company but you want to enter the Affiliate System,
to develop your marketing business,
choose the Free Affiliate Pack 0 $.

Free Affiliate Pack

Develop your international business for $ 0 for life
$ 0 / life
  • No pack to pay to start developing your business
  • No monthly payment
  • No minimum sales or affiliates to collect your earnings
  • Monthly and active payment from the first $ of commission
  • Free access to the affiliate system
  • Link to affiliate internationally
  • Dashboard to manage your affiliates
  • Online virtual office to see all your activity internationally
  • Online management of your earnings

Diamond Pack

Your Company in the best Marketing system worldwide and in video on Social Networks throughout the year
$ 200 / year or € 170 / year
  • Free Affiliate Pack included
  • Access to your GoInfoPro profile and automatic management of all your data
  • Presentation of your company in the format of a mini-website on our platform
  • Presentation of your company in 26 languages
  • Geolocation of your Company on the World Map
  • Direct contact form
  • Own cover image on your Company page.
  • Gallery with images
  • Choose Multiple categories where you want your Company to appea
  • Direct connection to Google Calendar
  • Management system for your Company's teams

Diamond Pack
New options included

Included in the diamond pack
  • New your online store Free
  • Totally Free reservation system
  • Totally Free direct quotation order system
  • Create a Video
  • Dissemination of your Video and positioning on Facebook throughout the year
  • Dissemination of your Video and positioning on Instagram throughout the year
  • Dissemination of your Video and positioning on Twitter throughout the year
  • Dissemination and positioning on TikTok all year round
  • Dissemination and positioning in Tiwich all year round
  • Dissemination and positioning on LinkedIn throughout the year
  • Dissemination of your Video and positioning on YouTube throughout the year
  • issemination of your Video and positioning in DailyMotion all year round
  • issemination of your Video and positioning on Tumblr throughout the year
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